Hi, I'm Anna. I take pictures of humans using Nikon equipment. I'm very proud that people say my photos are honest, vibrant, sweet, and relationship-focused. Kids are my favorite humans, and I love to photograph them doing their thing, and learn more about their lives and how they think. I always imagine the children I photograph looking back on the photos we make together when they are adults, and seeing how interesting and wonderful they were as children, and how deeply they are loved. 

I'm also a doula, writer and college professor. Recent adventures include traveling the islands of Southeast Alaska by ferry as an artist in residence at the Island Institute, and riding shotgun with a women's health humanitarian organization as a documentary photographer in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. You can check out my writing and personal work at annacarsondewitt.com, as well as some of my travel blog posts below.

I'm lucky enough to book child and family photos, Maker Stories, head shots, and small weddings in both Durham, NC and Washington, DC. I'd love to take your picture along with the people you love most. Get in touch any time at anna.carson.dewitt@gmail.com and we'll set up a session!