Hello, Baby A! A Washington DC Newborn Session

People often ask what happens if a baby just wants to be held during a session. How do I get them to pose for photos on their own? The truth is, I just don't! I've got some swaddling and shushing skills for sure, but most of the time if these little people want snuggles, everyone is more than happy to oblige. Mr. A was much happier in his parents' arms, skin to skin, so that's how he had his photos made. It was a snuggle bonanza, and a perfect documentation of what matters to him most right now-- keeping his people close.

Watching Miles Grow: Durham, NC Newborn and Baby Sessions

This is gonna be a long one, dudes. I've know Miles' dad, David, for thirteen years now, and I've known for thirteen years that he would be an amazing father. When David met his wife, Nicole, she became a dear friend, too. So when they had Miles this Spring, I was ugly-crying before I ever MET the kid. I had to clean the snot-tears off my cell phone, no joke. Miles is his own guy-- determined, curious, snuggly. It's such a joy to get to know him, and to re-meet his parents in this new role. I took these photos at David and Nicole's house over the course of two sessions in as many months. The first was his newborn session. The second was a more impromptu "Baby's First BLT" session. Lots more photos to come, I know. I'm so lucky to call Miles my friend.

Hometown Chilling: The Blackberry Popup

The Blackberry Popup this past weekend was such a rad reminder of why I'm happy to be back home in North Carolina. Liza transformed her home into a one-time venue for music, food, and goods made by hand-- there was a keg of kombucha, exploding tomatoes, tons of delicious pie, and a passel of winsome children and hounds. I'm so happy about the way that creative people around here collaborate, rep each other's work, and enjoy each other's company. It's a way of doing business and art that makes right livelihood feel within reach, and that's one of things I want most for myself and for my hometown.