Spring Shennanigans with the F Family: A Downtown Durham, NC Family Session

I really dig so much how to the siblings in the F family aren't afraid to lean into one another. We spent a relaxed hour puttering around Orange Street in downtown Durham, admiring some skateboarders, and feeling bummed that Scratch Bakery was closed for the day. This family's sense of play and ease comes through in every photo here, just as it does in person.

Hello, W: A Durham, NC Newborn Session

W was so into spending an hour just snuggling with his folks-- snoozing, snacking, and chatting. I really love doing "newborn" sessions when the baby is about six weeks old, because everything seems to be coming into focus by then: tiny person is noticing the world around them, parents are learning more about who this tiny person is, and everyone is a little more relaxed into some kind (temporary) routine. It was really awesome just to capture W in his kingdom, with his loyal subjects, doing all his best stuff.