Art and Life with the P-S Family: A Durham, NC Family Session

Folks often ask what a session looks like with little-to-no posing or direction-- this is it! These dudes are BUSY, and they had plenty of good ideas about what to do all on their own. We did arts and crafts, created a truck installation, and snuggled with new baby sister. I left the session with my very own hand-crafted set of maracas, three little new friends, and these photos, which I think L, G, and M will really dig having forever. It was a good afternoon.

Watching Miles Grow: Durham, NC Newborn and Baby Sessions

This is gonna be a long one, dudes. I've know Miles' dad, David, for thirteen years now, and I've known for thirteen years that he would be an amazing father. When David met his wife, Nicole, she became a dear friend, too. So when they had Miles this Spring, I was ugly-crying before I ever MET the kid. I had to clean the snot-tears off my cell phone, no joke. Miles is his own guy-- determined, curious, snuggly. It's such a joy to get to know him, and to re-meet his parents in this new role. I took these photos at David and Nicole's house over the course of two sessions in as many months. The first was his newborn session. The second was a more impromptu "Baby's First BLT" session. Lots more photos to come, I know. I'm so lucky to call Miles my friend.

N + S: a Washington, DC Engagement Session

N and S had a VISION for their engagement photos, and it involved "an idea we had working out together at the gym when we were both in boat pose". So! Ok! After some more traditional shots in the park, we made their dream a reality with full-sun jumping-around sweaty couples workout photos and obviously it was awesome. I really love the way these people listen and respond to each other, and how much they LAUGH. I'm also so glad we shot these photos in a round the sweet little Petworth group house where they've spent the past few years. Next month, they'll move North, and it was lovely to photograph them where they got engaged and decided to become family.

Hello, Baby L! A Northern Virginia Newborn Session

A big crop of my photos families have given birth to baby #2 in the past month or so, and it's been such a total joy to watch them welcome their sweet new friends! Baby L looks sp like much like his big sister, but his temperament is totally different! His folks and I spent the session admiring him, and remembering what his big sister was like at the newborn stage. We snuggled up in the bedroom and nursery for baby photos, and then caught up with big sister C downstairs for a few family shots in the playroom-- the perfect mix of new baby snuggles and toddler shenanigans!

A's Awesome Life: A Washington DC Family Session

A's parents wanted photos to capture a little slice of their life right now, so we spent an hour doing all his favorite things: playing with toys, a tea party with chocolate milk, stories, snuggles, and a neighborhood stroll. Makes sense that A and I got along so well-- we like all the same things!