Married! A + T at the Dacor Bacon House: A Washington DC Wedding

I loved working with A and T to plan their wedding photos, because they wanted to make sure to keep the pictures, like the wedding itself, focused on their personalities and their connection. They were so excited to be marrying each other, and each of them is so delighted by the other's particular brand of quirk. When I look at these photos now, what comes through most is how beautifully they focused in on each other on that gorgeous summer evening, and just let everything else fall away. 

Miss F is One this Summer! A Washington DC Child Session

Miss F had just learned to climb stairs when I came to take her one-year portraits, and it was her EVERYTHING. I loved how her parents were so happy to let her do her thing, following her patiently, spotting her, and grabbing her when they could for snuggles and kisses. This small person's tenacity and verve are just sparkling, and she's lucky enough to have parents who celebrate and enjoy every bit of it.


M and K, in Love at Union Market: A Washington DC Engagement

When I met M and K at Comet Pingpong this winter to talk about their wedding photos over beers and pizza, I knew we were gonna be friends. I also knew right away that I wanted to take their engagement photos at Union Market, one of my very favorite spots in DC, and the hour we spent tromping around, marveling at the awesome exteriors, searching out interesting light, and drinking alcoholic slushies felt like the best kind of summer evening with good buddies. These two have so much FUN together, and are so aware of one another's needs and wants. I can't wait to watch (and photograph!) them getting married.

Newborn Session: Hello, Baby A!

I love how cocoon-like and focused a home is after a new baby is born. It was lovely to spend an hour with A. and her parents in their little nest, and to see them nursing, snuggling, getting to know one another and establishing routines. Looking back at these photos, the tenderness all three feel for one another shines through so clearly-- I love that they will always be able to look back on that singular set of moments.