Cupcakes in Central Park: A New York City Birthday Mini Session!

I feel like I always remember my travel shoots with extra detail-- finding the light, exploring a new place with new kid-friends, what I ate after. I met up with Olivia and her adoring parents for a mini on Central Park West in the incredible New York Fall light. She is a total ball of joy, and it was so fun to follow her sweet, snuggly lead in taking photos to celebrate her first birthday! We capped things off with HER FIRST CUPCAKE, which was a huge hit once she go the hang of it. Then I hailed a yellow cab and met my little sister for G&Ts and pasta at Parm. I'd like to live that whole day all over again.

Loving Tiny M: A Washington, DC Baby Session

I had such a great chat with M's parents about the amazingness of watching a kid transition from being a newborn to being a real baby PERSON. Their joy in getting to know their daughter was so palpable during our session and I love how these pictures really reflect time spent between three people who delight in one another. The light was great for sure, but the way they look at each other is my favorite part of these photos.

Ready for Baby A: An Alexandria, VA Family Maternity Session

I was the doula when H was born, and I've had such a special relationship with her and her parents ever since. It amazes me how she has the same spirit now that she had when she was one hour old! Very soon, I'll be at the hospital when H becomes a big sister. It was really lovely to spend the evening with them as a family of three before everything changes! I feel so lucky to be a part of this family's growth.



Spring Shennanigans with the F Family: A Downtown Durham, NC Family Session

I really dig so much how to the siblings in the F family aren't afraid to lean into one another. We spent a relaxed hour puttering around Orange Street in downtown Durham, admiring some skateboarders, and feeling bummed that Scratch Bakery was closed for the day. This family's sense of play and ease comes through in every photo here, just as it does in person.