Cupcakes in Central Park: A New York City Birthday Mini Session!

I feel like I always remember my travel shoots with extra detail-- finding the light, exploring a new place with new kid-friends, what I ate after. I met up with Olivia and her adoring parents for a mini on Central Park West in the incredible New York Fall light. She is a total ball of joy, and it was so fun to follow her sweet, snuggly lead in taking photos to celebrate her first birthday! We capped things off with HER FIRST CUPCAKE, which was a huge hit once she go the hang of it. Then I hailed a yellow cab and met my little sister for G&Ts and pasta at Parm. I'd like to live that whole day all over again.

Art and Life with the P-S Family: A Durham, NC Family Session

Folks often ask what a session looks like with little-to-no posing or direction-- this is it! These dudes are BUSY, and they had plenty of good ideas about what to do all on their own. We did arts and crafts, created a truck installation, and snuggled with new baby sister. I left the session with my very own hand-crafted set of maracas, three little new friends, and these photos, which I think L, G, and M will really dig having forever. It was a good afternoon.

N & R: Just Married!

I met Nancy years ago, when I took her first grandson's newborn photos, and it was so awesome to capture her falling in love with her new role as a grandparent. I was so stoked when her daughter got in touch this Fall to let me know Nancy had just gotten married! Could we do some post-wedding photos? Of course! There's nothing better than seeing someone who is so deserving of happiness just basking in love. Here's to a beautiful marriage for Nancy and Robert-- and lots of fun with their grandbabies! It's such an honor to watch your family grow and evolve.